What We Do

We provide clinical expertise to your organization in a customized and strategic way.  We offer a multitude of services leveraging our clinical knowledge and experience.

Why Solar Health Consulting?

Dr. Nasta, the founder and owner of Solar Health Consulting is responsive, passionate, and energetic.  He created this company to advance unity between A.I. and deep learning technology with clinicians.  This collaberation is essential to improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs.    



Solar Health Consulting was founded to address the diverse array of clinical challenges technology companies face.  By leveraging clinical knowledge and experience, we are able to assist organizations in advancing their goals.  We offer a wide range of services and would be honored to discuss them with you further.  Solar Health Consulting is led by its founder, Dr. Anil Nasta.   Dr. Nasta has extensive healthcare experience and has expertise in both healthcare technology and clinical medicine.  

As the line between healthcare and technology companies continue to blur, an organization like ours can fill in the missing gaps.  We facilitate collaberation with our partners and strive to give them a competitive edge.  We welcome you to explore what Solar Health Consulting has to offer.



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